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    Athletic Optimization

    Peak Potential Integrative Health is a functional medicine practice with the endurance athlete in mind.

    Whether you have dreams to run a first 5k, to complete your strongest 200 mile race, or to excel in another endurance sport: I can partner with you to make it happen. Through optimizing your health and removing any barriers, you can succeed.

    We help elite, recreational, and aspiring athletes to reach their Peak Potential

    I am an experienced medical professional AND a long time ultramarathon runner with a passion for everything related to endurance sports. My work at Peak Potential Integrative Health represents the perfect blending of my passions. I am able to offer you unmatched expertise that can give you the edge that you want and need.

    Delayed recovery? Recurrent injuries? Lack of motivation? Whatever it is that’s holding you back: I can help you to find the root cause and natural treatment through lab analysis and an in-depth history. Training recommendations and support will be included in your treatment plan! Take advantage of this unique service today by scheduling an appointment here.